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Telescopic Reading Glasses for Minnesota Residents

Particularly if you suffer from a degenerative eye condition and have seen your eyesight decline significantly over time, finding that you're now unable to do the activities you used to enjoy can be extremely distressing. Fortunately, in many cases we're able to help; we are an eye specialist based in Minnesota who specializes in finding optical solutions for people who have significant eye issues.

Telescopic Glasses from a professional Optometrist

Even if you've been told by your usual eye care provider that there is nothing that can be done to aid your vision any further, it's always worth making an appointment with us to see what we can offer. We take a task-based approach, working out a vision answer that's specifically geared to enabling you to successfully undertake a particular activity. If you want to be able to drive, read or sew again, we may well be able to come up with a suitable solution.

Bioptic Glasses for Minnesota Patients

Ideal for albinism sufferers, bioptic glasses can be used to enhance poor vision in several different circumstances. Bioptic glasses are widely used to help drivers see the road more accurately, enabling many people who would otherwise not have sufficient vision to be able to drive independently again.

Contact Us to Find Out More about a Bioptic Telescope from an Optometric Specialist

We know how difficult it can be for people when their eyesight degenerates to the extent that their everyday life is affected and they are no longer able to do the activities they used to enjoy. Our team in Minnesota is committed to providing an empathetic, solutions-based service that combines the prescription of high-grade optometric devices with exceptional professionalism and patient care. To schedule an appointment or find out more, call us at (612) 729-3030 or (888) 882-2040.