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Pat Putnam

I felt like Dr. Palmer took his time and gave me a thorough exam in regards to my macular degeneration. There are no magic bullets but I do see better with my new glasses with prisms. I enjoy reading and as long as I have adequate light and wear my new glasses, I can read large print books.

Walmart Vision Center

Graham K.
of Walmart Vision Center

"Dr. Palmer is our trusted specialist when it comes to patients' low vision needs. He provides the amazing service that patients deserve. We really enjoy working with him!"

Reviews Of Bioptic Glasses- Hazel S.

Hazel S.

a MN housewife who lost vision to retinal detachment and Glaucoma: “I was missing out on watching baseball on TV and being able to do my craftwork. The special glasses I got really help.”

Reviews Of Bioptic Telescopes- Willard A.

Willard A.

“The bioptic telescopes help me stay active and independent.”

Reviews Of Bioptic Telescopes- Bill E.

Bill E.

law student and firefighter with Stargardt's disease: It's great that there is help for people like me that have lost vision. The glasses from Dr. Palmer give me hope to continue to do the job I love.

Reviews Of Bioptic From Dr. Palmer-Wayne L

Wayne L.

mechanic with Macular Degeneration, uses his bioptics from Dr. Palmer to continue to drive and enjoy the scenery on family trips.

Reviews Of Bioptic Glasses Prescribed By Dr. Palmer-Signe R

Signe R.

a retired teacher with AMD: “I use the bioptic glasses Dr. Palmer prescribed for me to watch my grandson play football in the Metrodome and to recognize people better at a distance. When you don't see well, you're willing to try different things.”

Reviews Of Telescopic Glasses- Fafa Y.

Fafa Y.

a recent Concordia College graduate from Africa: “I was born with Ocular Albinism and told I wouldn't be able to get a driver's license. When I heard about these telescopic glasses, I was curious, but skeptical. With Dr. Palmer's help, I am able to drive and able to enjoy the world from a distance instead of having to get up close to everything to see.”

Reviews Of Glasses Pescribed By Dr. Palmer-Bev D.

Bev D.

who has macular degeneration, “I thought all I wanted was help with reading, and I realized I also missed out on seeing my family's expressions and enjoying TV, and the glasses Dr. Palmer prescribed me really help.”

Reviews Of Bioptic Glasses- Kathy F.

Kathy F.

still a full time nurse with Best's Disease, uses her bioptic telescopes to commute to work and take her children to their various activities.