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There is Life After
Vision Loss.

There Is Life After Vision Loss

Low Vision Specialist in Minnesota

We know that often there are specific activities that you, or a loved one, want to do, but are currently unable to enjoy because of poor vision. During your low vision evaluation, Dr. Palmer will design a custom solution to your problem, using surgical loupe grade glasses that can really make a difference. As a low vision specialist covering Minnesota, Dr. Palmer prescribes custom hands-free special glasses that allow you to engage in your old pastimes again.

Dr Palmer holding bioptic telescope glasses

Dr. Palmer is using miniaturized binoculars or telescopes to help people who have lost vision from:

Low Vision Doctor in Minnesota With Plenty of Options Available

Dr. Palmer is a low vision optometrist covering Minnesota who frequently sees people who have been told there is nothing more that can be done to correct their failing vision. Even if your current ophthalmic practitioner has told you nothing more can be done, it’s always worth booking an appointment to see what can be achieved.

Low Vision Optometry in Minnesota

Our team is able to help when vision has been impaired due to a wide range of conditions. Whether you’re suffering from macular degeneration, albinism, cataracts, Stargardt disease or some other eyesight problem, Dr. Palmer could provide a suitable solution.

Low Vision Glasses for Minnesota Residents

We care about our patients and will do everything we can to provide the high-grade enhancements they need to be able to do the activities they enjoy once more. Our aim is always to go the extra mile to try and find some way of helping our patients, no matter how significant their eyesight problems may be. To find out more about what options we can offer, or for a free phone consultation, call us at 612-729-3030.

Low Vision Rehab Specialist

Our vision rehabilitation services for those who have recently lost vision, are blind, or have low vision are provided by Dr. Palmer, who has special training through the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists.

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