Patient Case Study: Amd Easter Miracle

JS, 84yo F, retired RN.  Dx: AMD Age-Related Macular Degeneration OD 20/70- @D and 0.63M @N, Prosthesis OS

Goals for Low Vision care:  resume driving part-time, recognize faces in public, help with shopping, read books, do her own fingernails.

Results of testing with low vision devices:  1.7X Full Diameter Telescope with a bifocal reading cap allows for quite easy reading of newsprint and her Bible and has been useful while shopping and her nails.  With or without the cap it also allows her to recognize faces easily and watch TV more enjoyably.  For the possibility of driving and distance viewing, a 1.7X Bioptic Telescope made with Transitions lenses gave her 20/40- acuity and with instruction and practice, she is back to confident, restricted driving.

The visit was an “Easter Miracle” for her.

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