Degenerative Myopia Patient Drives and Reads Sheet Music Again

RF, 65yo F, entrepreneur recommended to retire early due to her vision. Dx: Degenerative Myopia OD 20/80+ @D, 1.6M @N, 20/120 OS @D, 3.2M @N

Goals for visit: Confidence while driving, recognizing family and friends, reading w/o using IPad, sewing, painting as a hobby, cooking, reading sheet music again.

Results: a 4X ClearImage Reading Microscope and a 2.2X Full Diameter Telescope with a +8D reading cap both allowed for easy reading of newsprint, without her IPad. A +2D cap allowed her to see and read her sheet music again. For driving with restrictions, a 2.2X Bioptic Telescope with polarized lenses improved her vision and visual comfort to 20/40 OD, 20/60 OS.

She was beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity of independence.


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