Low Vision Awareness Month 2021 Press Release



Minneapolis, MN – Low Vision Restoration, LLC, a low vision optometrist practice with a task-based approach, helps low vision patients, including those with degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration, albinism, retinitis pigmentosa and, diabetic retinopathy realize that there is life after vision loss. Low Vision Restoration is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is headed by Dr. Chris Palmer, a low vision specialist who aims to bring hope to people who have exhausted the choices offered by conventional optometrists and ophthalmologists. Dr. Palmer offers different services than those provided by a primary optometrist, ophthalmologist, or retina specialist.  While others provide needed treatments, Dr. Palmer provides vision-enhancing solutions.

Through his practice, Dr. Palmer teaches people that there are services available that can help low vision patients take control of their lives. Dr. Palmer believes in transparency and direct communication and understands that his low vision solutions are not for everyone. For this reason, Dr. Palmer and the Low Vision Restoration Team offer free telephone consultations to limit the time, expense, and disappointment of visiting an eye doctor for low vision services, only to learn that those services are not a good fit. The free consultation is also a helpful way for patients to hear about the low vision resources Dr. Palmer offers, whether they should visit Low Vision Restoration for an in-person consultation, or whether they should be referred back to their regular eye doctor. Dr. Palmer offers unique and exceptional services, and people come from surrounding states, including Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa just to see him.

Dr. Palmer and the Low Vision Restoration Team use low vision solutions to improve people’s lives. “We understand how difficult it can be when a degenerative eye condition means your vision has declined significantly,” says Dr. Palmer. “For many people, poor vision means that they cannot cook, read, embroider, or do other activities that added to their quality of life. We work with patients to provide customized corrective eyewear that is selected to enable patients to do the tasks they want to the most.” Patients visiting Dr. Palmer can be connected to devices that they did not know existed that can enable them to drive, see faces, read, and do all of their favorite past times. Low Vision Restoration is the solution for those who have all but given up on their ability to improve their vision and lives. According to Dr. Palmer, “Even if your current ophthalmic practitioner has told you nothing more can be done, it’s always worth booking an appointment to see what can be achieved.”

Dr. Palmer offers many low vision solutions, including prescription, surgeon-grade magnifying glasses, also known as bioptic telescopes, that are specific to both the person’s eye condition and the tasks they want to do. Other solutions include E-Scoop glasses and other wearable, smart visual assistive devices. The team at Low Vision Restoration understands that treating low vision is not just about taking care of the underlying medical problem. It is also about working with each patient individually to match them with the resources that best suit their lifestyle and help them to see better. Dr. Palmer and his team are excited to continue providing low vision solutions to people in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and beyond.

To learn more about Dr. Chris Palmer and Low Vision Restoration, LLC, please click here.

About Dr. Chris Palmer and Low Vision Restoration, LLC

Dr. Chris Palmer is a fellow of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists and is one of Minnesota’s most trusted low vision specialists. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, Dr. Palmer has dedicated his career to helping people with poor vision reclaim their lives and find the resources that allow them to do the things they love most without inhibition from their vision. As an expert in his field, patients regularly travel from surrounding states to be helped by Dr. Palmer. He has appeared on KARE11 and WCCO News in Minnesota and WDAY in North Dakota to share his knowledge and show low vision individuals that there are options for them.

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Contact Person: Dr. Chris Palmer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 882-2040
Address: PO Box 17295 Minneapolis, MN 55417-0295 USA
Country: United States

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